about us

We offer various Measuring tapes and tape measures, rulers for accurate measurement for your needs.

To perform linear measurements, as well as for angular ones, regulatory documents for various types of surveys or works provide for certain requirements. These requirements are always the measured accuracy of the instruments and the relative measurement errors. Depending on them, tools for measuring line lengths are selected.

We will always help you choose the optimal solution for your specific tasks, because we have extensive experience: the main part of our specialists works in the field of supply of high-tech equipment. Send applications for the selection of equipment or analogues via our contact form. In most cases, we select the equipment for during the working day.

All measuring instruments and equipment that we present on our website and in the catalog are not just known to us, we use them ourselves. Not only can we tell you about them, we are able to work using all the devices presented. We also use other devices - something longer, something less, but we like them all, they have all proven to be very convenient - that's why we offer them to you.